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10 things people will not dare tell you about homeschooling

10 28 things people will not dare tell you about homeschooling

Heavy sarcasm alert written from an eyewitness account, grounded with solid truth.  Warning:  There are grammatical errors. You will understand after you read the article (aka #swamped).  This is not an exhaustive list on any account and be sure to read #28. 

I really wanted to add the same Ann Voskamp music in my page as I am a huge fan, but my music truthfully would sound more like something from Cheap Trick, "If You Want My Love".

I am a mother of 6 children and new grandma to one precious baby boy.  I have been married to one man almost 23 years and this has been tricky at times and I am sure he would say the same about me. I would consider myself a fairly seasoned homeschooling mom as we entered our 16th year this fall.  I mean, I think I am seasoned? We homeschooled for 5 years living completely off-the-grid with an outhouse, oil lamps and a ringer washer on a 40 acre farm. During this time we had our last baby at this idyllic place while we farmed full time – and we were homeschooling, so yes, I do consider myself seasoned. 

Each year when I approach fall to plan my homeschool year, I still get nervous.  I wonder if I can really do another year.  That homeschool mom that looks like she has it all together from afar, she needs your prayers and encouragement just like the new homeschooling mom embarking on her first year.

I am going to tell you the truth about homeschooling and what I have witnessed first hand in our home and from many frank discussions with other close “seasoned” homeschool moms. I can hear some of you new homeschool moms now, you still have that zeal and excitement so you are perplexed at my intro.  Now don’t be gettin’ that blue jean jumper in a bunch.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have zeal too with a little less excitement than you because I have some years behind me.  I am a grandmother, I have graduated 2 children and 1 is quickly following, I have a 5 year old and have lived with a bad sickness for over a year all while homeschooling.  Here is a list of 10  28 things people usually don’t tell you about homeschooling – You can thank me later or better yet buy me a pumpkin spiced latte.

1.   – Homeschooling takes time – duh… But really it takes a LOT of time!  A homeschooling day is shorter than a traditional school day where children leave the house, yes, but homeschooling moms are multi-tasking between students all day. This looks like dinner prep between spelling tests, laundry after geography and housekeeping when you are done with your school day. You do not have that window of 5 hours where everyone is gone and you can buzz through your home quietly and alone to knock out the cleaning, bills and what not, but you do have helpers.  Usually you start your big stuff when school is done and with a large family this can be late in the day.

2.  It is hard to differentiate learning time from fun time when you homeschool as it can all run together.  This is a tough one for me.  If I spend all day reading stories about the pilgrims to the little ones, mentoring the older, teaching writing, driving to appointments, teaching grammar and answering math questions (with 6 children).  I find it hard after 3:30 pm to want to sit down and read more stories.  It is hard to play games, do fun sewing projects with the girls and go out to Michaels to spend 2 hours browsing the isles to find more creative school projects to do after a full day of doing school. I feel bad about this quite a bit.  I think this is my dilemma with Christmas.  Christmas is supposed to be magical and fun right?  Yes it is.  Christmas has a 2-week vacation break right?  How ‘bout we take everyone off the schedule you just finally got every on to have a rhythm in your home and add tons of sugar, late night get togethers and did I say CANDY?  Tell me how this works for you please!  It is hard after doing crafts all year long and teaching to suddenly up the ante for a month to bake MORE cookies than I already have, spend MORE time together when we always do and now lets clutter up the house with decorations where we ALL always are J Don’t worry, I am not too grinchy.  We have a ton of traditions here… I do them but it feels exhausting and laborious at times.

3.  Homeschooling is messy and it can be hard on your house.  We now live in about 1300 sq. ft. with 1 bathroom with 7+ people.  Trust me, this bathroom is amazing after having an outhouse for 5 years however the house is tiny.  Now add 5 of us home all day (3 of us are adult bodies) and this place gets more use lets say than the family that just is home in the evenings.  It’s hard to have a picture perfect house when we are always living here.  Refer back to number 1.  At any given time there is a load of laundry going, one to be folded on the couch and a sink of dishes too do and we also eat 3+ meals a day here.  Lets see, breakfast for 6, lunch for 5 and supper for 7 Monday - Friday.  This is a ton of drinking glasses, silverware and plates (TIP:  whatever we have for supper I always double it so that we can reheat it for lunch the next day.  This way I am only making 2 meals a day Monday – Friday.  The weekends are a completely different animal) we touch up the walls a lot with paint. Those magic sponges well, they are really magic!
3a. Paper plates are a mother’s best friend

4.  Your children see the real you.  Like, they see the good the bad and the vey ugly you.  When you are together all the time they see the flesh.  Be sure the children hear apologies when you have failed. Be humble and practice real forgiveness.  When you are together all the time they also see how much you love them and that you would do this all over again just to have one more day to see their little hands learn to write their name or their eyes when they read their first words.  It’s a beautiful mess, it really is!

5.  Homeschooling is hard work!  It gets interesting, ahem, when you are trying to teach algebra II, Geometry and German…  Let’s add potty training a 2 year old and nursing a baby on top of letters in math. It gets hardER as you go… (Free TIP #2.  Buy Rosetta Stone, expensive math teaching DVDS and get your husband involved in helping you teach these subjects)

6.  Just because you did Five in a Row and used the Charlotte Mason Method with the first two children (time consuming), you still need to do it for the last 3+ and there could be many years in between.  Children are not born on the same day unless you had those septuplets back in 1997, so this means there are not “check marks” in homeschooling. Its great that you did geography and astronomy (see #19) but you are not done - you have 4 or whatever more to go that need you to teach this subject again.

7.  Homeschooling is not perfect.  You will forget something to teach them but did you remember all of 7th grade? Life is hard and homeschooling is hard.  I pray daily for God to fill in the gaps because surely I cannot be the perfect teacher.  However, I do believe that every mother does know what is best for her children and when she asks God to direct her to teach her children how they are bent (Proverbs 22:6) it’s a win win (even if it takes years to see) because He is driving and He is faithful to restore and it will all work out.  Sometimes you will not see the fruit of your labors until close to the end.  Hang in there momma! I believe homeschooling is a wonderful experience and even with its flaws I still see it as the best option for learning in this day and age.

8.  I would suggest skipping some of the Greek gods and other unnecessary parts of history.  We homeschool for many reasons.  Rather than spending months in the Greek gods, add the Bible stories and great teachings to ground your children in the word of God.

9.  Do not, I repeat: “DO NOT attempt to homeschool your children if you husband is not 200% behind you” if you do, it will be a train wreck.  You must as a couple, be 100% on the same page that God has called both of you to homeschool.  Ladies, no matter where your husband is spiritually, listen to his wisdom. If hubby says no to homeschooling, “DON’T HOMESCHOOL”.
9.a When you ask your husband to help you homeschool he will do it differently than you – Let him.

10. Don’t compare your homeschooling husband to other homeschooling husbands.  Been there, done that.  Some I won’t mention, I always thought, “Well he is such an amazing homeschooling husband” Psshhhh shaking my head…  “Yeah right” I have the real homeschooling husband right here (steady -strong -has flaws but is solid)

11.  When you are homeschooling a larger family it is hard to individualize each child.  For example, it seems you try to do things as a unit rather than individually.  This is smart really with a large group of children and to keep sane you really need to enact this methodology (like all learning to play piano, etc. one day you do lessons). However, you must remember all children are not the same and most like different things than their siblings and they need to have choices to express themselves.  This is hard as a homeschooling mom because you have to be most of these different outlets to all of these different children.

12.  When you take a leap of faith to sacrifice on this level, I really believe that satan has a bigger target on homeschooling families than others.  I do not say this prideful at all, I mean this very humbly.  I don’t think I am better than you because I homeschool. I am just saying that when you homeschool you are drawing a line of faith in the sand and stating, “This family takes seriously the responsibility to raise up their children for the Lord.” I know that the devil doesn’t like this one single bit.  He will try to distract mothers, he will try to attack fathers, and he will do his best to destroy marriages and more.  He puts thoughts into your head that you are doing a horrible job teaching your children and there must be a better person for the job.  He will find people that you can never measure up too so you loose your joy because you start comparing yourself to them. Gird your loins people with the belt of truth (the word) (Ephesians 6:14)!   satan is trying to kill and destroy anyone that is serving the Lord in an aggressive manner such as homeschooling.

13.  Homeschooling is flexible.  You can take the books with you so be darn sure if you are doing all of this hard work that you use the flexibility to explore and vacation to learn about other places all year long.  One year we spent 6 weeks in the Gulf of Mexico (dodged the challenging Michigan winter) and joined a sea lab to learn all about salt-water sea life.  Best school ever! 

14.  If you homeschool, don’t do cloth diapers ok.  I warned you.  See #1. Enough said
14a. There will always be someone that does more than you do.  There is always someone that is more creative and adds horrendously complex subjects to their lesson plans – let them!

15.  Homeschoolers are weird.  Yes, I said that.  Homeschooling moms are weird too.  This is ok.  I think we are cool and different than the mainstream (whatever that is) and I’m ok with this.  Just embrace your weirdness and go with it; you are homeschooling for a reason right?
15a.  However, be sure to expose your children to culture!  Teach your kids about social etiquette.  Have your children volunteer in the community.  Join a like minded church that supports homeschoolers.  We can introduce our children to all different cultures and walks of life and then come home to our four walls.  Invite interesting people to your dinner table frequently.  Make sure your compound isn't to Ruby Ridge/Koresh looking.  Welcome the community in to your home and love on them.

16. Homeschooling sometimes feels like it doesn’t get easier because we are getting older.  Do not panic that I said this.  I will say that I really have down pat how to teach a child to read and teach them what they need to know to graduate well.  I got smarter in these 16 years I would like to think.  I teach what is important and meaningful (I still have a lot to learn). I think it seems like it gets harder sometimes because we need stamina and energy to keep fighting the good fight, which brings me to

17.  You are home a lot during the younger years of homeschooling.  This can be boring, lonely, daunting and exhausting but it is just a season. Being home all the time will pass and then you wish you were still home all day.  If you want to be a successful homeschooling mom (meaning do it for more than 2 years) you need date nights EVERY week and you need alone time EVERY week.  I have older children now that can help watch the littles occasionally.  But, there are times when I cannot get away for a week or something and lets just go with the old adage (because its true) “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy” (read this dads J) p.s. you need a lot of rest.  If I don’t get out I become like a caged animal…. Just ask my family.

18.  Even when you have “good teenagers” they are still teenagers.  Teens are toddlers in adult bodies at times but they are wonderful creatures.  So far we have been very blessed with our teens but it is difficult having so many adults under one roof and getting used to all different schedules and opinions which we encourage.  It was easier when we were home all day and never had to go anywhere. It was blissful when everyone thought mom was really a saint.  Heck, I just started to sleep through the night about 3 years ago for the first time in like 16 years and now 2-3 teens are coming in from work at different hours or curfews etc.  So I am not getting a lot of sleep again. Refer back to #17
18a.  I birthed them therefore I do not teach them to drive a car or ride in said car while they drive.

the missing smoke detector has been replaced in the photo but was thrown due to burning toast

19.  Why on earth would I wake up 6 sleeping children in the middle of the stinking night to see a meteor shower that ends up with a few farting stars fizzling out.  Everyone is then wide-awake (not that song) and extremely hungry for a Thanksgiving size dinner at 3:41 am. Unless it’s going to be a spectacular phenomenon (Haven’t seen one yet) we are sleeping through the star show, thank you very much.
19a.  Sometimes I swear.  See #4

photo by Paige H.

20.  Older kids are super fun and you can take them on trips with you (2 photos above of recent trips).  We didn’t really do sports when the children were young (pro’s and con’s) but we do take them on trips when they are older.  Hiking trips, NYC, Colorado, Island genealogy trips and more.  Its fun to take just 1 or a few and really dialogue and just have a plain riot!
20a. Start college prep, ACT stuff early!  Better than college (yes I said this) TEACH THEM A TRADE

should say 3rd load

21.  Not everyone will understand why you homeschool.  This is ok-move on

22.  Don’t put a homeschool family or leader on a pedestal.  They are P.O.H. “Plain old humans”.  They will fail and then you will loose heart in faith.  Homeschoolers are just like you, sometimes worse than, with many imperfections.  Keep Jesus on a pedestal, no one else.

23.  Get outside everyday, even in the winter, for at least 10 minutes.  This includes you mom!

24.  God made Sunday a day of rest for a reason.  Embrace this day!  Go out to eat, get outside, take a nap.  No housework allowed or laborious jobs.  This is a day to relax and recharge!

25.  Homeschooling can be hard on a marriage.  Be sure not to “categorize” your husband with the children.  Treat hubby as a separate entity and put him first.  This can be very challenging:  See 9 and 9a.  Be sure to be fun, if you know what I mean J

26.  Pace yourself!!!  I repeat, PACE yourself!  If you want to go the distance (I still have 11 more years to finish to make 26 years of homeschooling and graduate the rest of my kitty cats – Lord willing) do not use all of your energy up front!  Teach smart, live simple and do not over schedule yourself with too many activities or distractions.  Save some energy for the end!

27. Homeschooling is the hardest job you will ever cherish, love, want to scream from the rooftops that it was/is the best and most precious time of your life.   Even after all of these hard truths of educating your children at home I would do it all over again. Each time I graduate one I cry the 2 months before when I look at them finishing up their schoolwork. I gave them roots and I want them to fly strong.  If you are considering homeschooling, I would say, "Go for it" as long as hubby feels the same.

28.  This list is endless and will be added to and can be changed at any time and I cannot be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if I change it, so there.... And reread the disclaimers above xo

In the spirit of farming, family, faith and coffee,

Angela Kuncaitis

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy 6 years to us....

To our dear readers:

On the eve of our 6 year anniversary of moving to the north country and our beloved Maple Valley Farm, I can truly say that I am 'Ok' when we drive by this precious place. My studio, 'Angiepologie' still sits on the property with our barn, (I still can't believe we get to own part of this life) some of our animals and the peaceful pond. I have a deep respect and great reverance for this place and I will NEVER forget how much work it entailed and how close we became as a family. This time of our lives was a force to be reckoned with and we are glad we followed God to this place. I can also say that I do not miss it. We did this life for over 5 years! Only a few may understand this kind of journey and we know that there is nothing that can take this away from us. We learned alot. We became free.

We are so grateful that God drove us to this new place now that we now call home.#Heisstilldrivingthis Here is to many more years of#hisplans and thank you for your support xo" 

The Matts

Monday, September 22, 2014

a Angiepologie weekend for sure... xo

Fall is in the air in Maple Valley!
 Love my front porch at the homestead but need some straw bales yet #dimeadozen in these parts
 this boy loves all things #livinghistory and he is decked in his #civilwarmuster attire  and Mable's pup is getting big too!
 we lit a fire at the #studio today!  Corn casserole, chilli and zuke bread was on our menu
 This is my #freespace for #creativity and more!  The #oldandimproved studio of #angiepologie
 what is #angiepologie ? It's all about  #rustic #prairie #offgrid #vintage #realfarm and its all on a #twisttiebudget xo
what are you up to in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

coolest Civil War Muster ever xo Fall weekends in #puremichigan

What a day for a beautiful Civil War Muster!  We stayed the entire day and just could not get enough.  Everything was true to the Civil War era including the delicious homemade food of Johnny cakes, baked beans, applesauce, beef stew and much more.


 One of the few reenactments with horses in action during battle

our youngest son choose a Confederate uniform...  We have some more learning to do (smile)

What a gorgeous Saturday in #puremichigan

Our children were enthralled with this day of living history practically in our back yard!

Thank you Holland Museum for the reenactment day!



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

it is looking like Fall at The Maple Valley Homestead

What is your favourite fall decoration?

I really cannot pick just one


This is a little prim, turbanish (earthy), rustic, some modern on my twist-tie budget (tm) and what you cannot see is a little German glitter on the farm sign on the left...  This is what makes Angiepologie (tm)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A special place! My new studio xo

More details coming soon. 

 But for now I am just having too much fun xo

Who wants to come for a cup of cowgirl coffee?  This place is truly special xo

Happy Fall!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everybody wants to love

Yes, I have fallen off the blogger wagon as some would say.  Truth be told, it feels I just fell off that darn stinkin’ wagon of life.  And yes, I do wear my heart on my sleeve to broadcast this announcement to the mean old world, the vigilantes of the social media sphere…   
There have been so many changes this year beginning with our precious daughter’s marriage…. Now let us add the sale of our beloved Maple Valley Farm (but this was such a God thing that we are still celebrating), the sale of my 99 year old Grandmother’s home that she abided in for 60+ years, our next daughter graduating from our homeschool, the death of my beloved said sweet Grandmother, (who always said that, “You don’t always get what you want" #truedat) our son working full-time this summer and the move of my parents up to our north country.  Some changes have been bad (the loss of things in my life) (I have been the recipient of some internet venom, scorn and black beast) but there are just so many blessings (my parents moving within minutes of us – been over an hour away for most of our 23 years of marriage) (New grandbaby) (being in a German documentary) (My husband working for such an amazing company of integrity that I have ever seen) (an awesome church family that we can call home) (Our freedom in Christ) (to many things to list here of course- God is so good) God is so good!  Compared to the current world problems of ISIS cowardly cutting off people's heads, precious people losing loved ones at young ages and real tragedy we have a perfect darn life...
*And the partial truth:  I think I have been hiding because I just cannot seem to bare one more negative dumb thing... 
“But here, here is the real stinking truth:  Life changes, we must adapt to this whether we like it or not.  In life, not everyone will like us or even love us for that matter but this is life!  People and friendships can change and it is o.k. to move on and to go to different levels in our spiritual growth while leaving others behind or they just do not want to follow along.  Life is full of learning… The internet and social media are not r e a l life… Yo, Facebook is not real life peeps…As I tell my children, “Sometimes today is not just a new day, but this minute is a new moment to turn it around”.  I am choosing to have a new moment with God still driving us…. I am choosing a new day with God hauling us around in a huge 10+ passenger van with kick butt tires all over this life on this imperfect weird and amazing planet because our family is cool and big like this…  And I am no longer hiding...Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn… and sometimes people are mean" 

And, yes we do not start paragraphs with and but I am doing this.  And these two sentences do not make a paragraph .  . …..

AND, if you are not a fan of ours this is completely A.ok with us but also know if you post negativity here you are not welcome.  Don't be creepin' around here and why for heaven’s sake are you even reading or following us if ya be hatin'? We will promptly delete your comments because I truly know you have much better things to do than waste time on this stinkin’ internet to dog us just like I do not have a ton of extra time to pin cute aprons and couches on Pinterest.  Anonymous comments will not be posted. Let’s all get a life shall we xo ? 

This is not a fight starting post.  This is a from this day forward post on how things are going to go on here from here now on :) 

just a few pictures from the last few weeks 

I am no longer hiding, I am embracing change, I am brave because I serve the One that is the creator of this universe and loves me unconditionally with a grace I could only hope to grasp 10% of the understanding in my lifetime…

"Happy is the heart that still feels pain
Darkness drains and light will come again
Swing open up your chest and let it in
Just let the love, love, love begin"

Let us love one another shall we xo

God’s drivin’ still… in this kick butt van...
Who is coming along?

In the spirit of farming, family and faith as always,

Xo  HomemakerAng +9  and counting 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Twas The Night Before Our 17th Homeschooling Year" By Angela Kuncaitis

" 'Twas the Night before Our 17th Homeschooling Year" By HomemakerAng
Dedicated to all of you home school moms... I know you can relate xo
'Twas the night before our 17th homeschooling year, when all through the house
There was a Mom that was stirring, wishing she could be a mouse;
The books were placed on the kitchen table with care,
In hopes that Jesus soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While reading a book and/or arguing while little ones jumped on their heads;
And mamma in her sport shorts, and I in my c-pap,
Well, I had just settled my brain for a short nights nap,
When out in the library there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the books I flew like a flash,
Tripped over a lego and threw it like trash
Her face in the light of a new fallen epiphany,
Gave a lustre of mystery to my suspicious aware,
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a woman and 6 children of all ages and size,
With a look in her eye so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment she must be upset.
More rapid than eagles her personality came,
And she sang, and she shouted, and called them by name:
"Now, Abby! now, Anna! now Buddy and Penny!
On, Peter! on, Favour and 2 dogs too plenty!
To the top of the library shelf! to the top of the farmhouse wall!
Now dash away! Please go away! Go to bed all!"
As emotions that before the wild hurricane fly,
When she met with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
So up to the upstairs the coursers they flew
With hands full of books, and yes, ME too!—
And then, in a twinkling, I heard very close by
The jumping and yawning of each little goof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Up the stairs Mom came with a bound.
Now she was dressed all in jammies, from her head to her bare foot,
And her pjs were not matching and tarnished with loving age;
A bundle of papers she had put in her robe,
And she looked like a teacher just organizing her load.
Her eyes—how they twinkled! her dimples, how merry!
Her cheeks (not those) were like roses, her furrowed brow was clearly!
Her serious little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And thankfully she did not have a beard on her chin that was as white as the snow;
The black hairband she held tight in her teeth,
But the smoke of her excitement and energy, it encircled her head like a wreath;
She had a small face and a not a round belly
But it still shook when she laughed, due to 9 pregnancies, like a bowl full of jelly.
She was thin and soft, a right jolly old gal,
And I laughed when I saw her, in spite of myself; ahem…
A wink of her eye, just like when we met
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;
She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work,
And placed all the books; I was hoping I was not a jerk,
And laying her finger aside of her tea cup,
And giving a nod, to our bedroom she went;
She sprang to her knees at the bed, to her God gave a prayer,
And away she silently spoke like I was not aware,
But I heard her exclaim, as I peaked in our room—
“Jesus I need you to start our homeschooling year and for you to drive it so I have no fear!”
-Angela Kuncaitis September 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey friends!

I still blog a ton but its cheating really J

Its on facebook…

Life is simple but moving fast…

Going to be a Grandmother soon!!!

Daughter graduates tomorrow…

One got his license…

It’s a sappy Saturday for sure but I am so blessed!


In the spirit of farming, family and faith,

HomemakerAng and Co.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

***UPDATE** I left out a very important part!!! Waiting for spring 2014 while the beat goes on...

My heart...

Be still...

I would never have imagined this past June while getting ready for a wedding for our precious daughter at our beautiful farm that so many changes would lie ahead in the same year...  Someone once said you cannot stop time and I have found this so true more recently.

In one years time we married a daughter off, sold our precious farm, gained a wonderful son, have a child graduating highschool while the next one will get his driver's lisence all while another turns a teenager...

and my heart beats on...

In the same year's time we will become grandparents, see our youngest learn to read, watch 2 grandparents go into nursing homes and have some important relationships restored.

God is good, time is not...  And this is where my heart is right this very moment...  I am reflecting on what is ending and excited for what is to come!  Just like spring...  It has been a long winter - I am ready for what is to come in more ways than one...

and my heart beats on...

We are slowly getting our bearings here at the homestead.  It is different for sure...  It seems to easy sometimes and I do not really like this yet... However, I am slowly getting used to it and learning even more what "living simply" really means...  I am trying to find my new purpose and asking God my true purpose...

I have received many kind emails from you asking why we sold the farm.  It is not real deep but in a way I guess it is.  We still are following God and it was really miraculous how it sold.  **We did not plan to sell the farm but we told God that if He wanted us to sell it we would because it was His anyways.  But, we asked Him to just about come down and practically tell us too :).  Well, you can figure out the rest...  After our 5 years of literal blood, sweat and many tears with some of the most precious times of our lives, God choose to reward us for our hard work is the best way I can say it.  It was not an easy decision but it was a good decision.  *** The really cool GOD aspect of this entire transaction is that we got to KEEP a part of Maple Valley Farm for us with some of the best of the buildings ***  I feel really blessed by this and feel it was another gift straight from God xo

and my heart beats on...

With change comes sadness and joy.  I am at both ends of the spectrum right now...  During Lent I have been deep in the word and reflecting and asking God what I need to purge, what I need to tweak and what I need to be open for.  Truly, "He is still driving this thing", I just need to be reminded of this on occassion...

There is a lot of "new" here... New chickens in the "new" chicken coop - a new puppy from the litter - daisies from a sweet and kindred new friend (thank you Lord) - new, "old" buildings to put to use...  (And a new studio in the making for me :)  yippee!!!!)

I am slowly embracing these changes so my heart can keep up with all of it and God is speaking to me in His still small voice,

"For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away."

Song of Solomon 2 KJV

and my heart beats on...,


HomemakerAng and Co.
all photos and writing on this blog ©Copyright Maple Valley Farms 2008-2011